OFF THE RAILS filter in these tracks..... From dark, messed up, offensive, and down-right cancel worthy to nice, relaxing, intellectual, and wholesome ( : If you cant handle it, jump out of the train because in this podcast we always go.......

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Saturday Feb 10, 2024

Ben has danced on dudes for money, Remy has seen someone's chickens, Gregory really doesnt care (  : .....

Friends, Sex, And Groundbeef

Saturday Jan 06, 2024

Saturday Jan 06, 2024

More sex, More friends, And the beef that fell upon the ground,-beef (  :
Welcome to the kitchen! (  :

Wednesday Dec 27, 2023

Gregory and co-host Remy discuss the importance/harms of labels, then dive into the zone of consent, when is it needed? when is it not?

Saturday Dec 23, 2023

Gregory and his two new guests have what probably is the dirtiest talks yet in the podcast! Make sure to not take a shower after this one ( :

Saturday Dec 09, 2023

Gregory storms into the ring vs Christianity and veganism LET THE GAMES BEGIN!, How long does it take to eat a f#cking apple? And why the FBI will soon be visiting Rem (  :

Thursday Nov 30, 2023

In this episode we learn who Daddy is ; ), Gregory is bad out of context, Rem is still a vegan, and he also cant cook pies, and If you had to guess where the hole is.....

Sunday Nov 19, 2023

Who really is the superior one? Should we forgive easily? Should we ever? if so, when? Brazil sucks... so why does it have a better culture than America?

Sunday Nov 12, 2023

Settle in for a quest in search of the meaning of Love! Ben forgets the host exists and Gregory learns what a podcast is : )

Thursday Nov 09, 2023

Ever felt like your gaming existence is just there to sabotage you? ( : And why goku just sucks as a character?

Saturday Oct 28, 2023

Gregory and his special guest Christian rant on about having bad teammates, and just how often one-sided games happen for no apparent reason.....ENJOY


If you are not off the rails, you are not on the rails


We are here to help bring the voices of those who have not had opportunities to speak about certain topics. We are here to be open-minded and explore the depths of human philosophy and stupidity (Just kidding of course....*smile*) 

This is the home for the open-minded, and for those willing to listen and learn about other sides of opinions and thoughts


Welcome those who dare enter

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